Having become a member of the UIAA Mountaineering Commission in 1985, then its President between 1990 and 97, Alan Blackshaw has been involved in a wide range of policy initiatives and work projects for the UIAA.  This icludes:

Production of the UIAA Summit Charter 2002

Paper on Human Rights and the Enjoyment of Nature, Trento Seminar 2002.

UIAA Representative to the UN Global Mountain Partnership

Revision of the UIAA Guidebook Label

Creation of UIAA Model Training Standards for leaders and instructors

Council member, Mountain Forum, 2000

Recommendation on the adoption of Competition Climbing into the UIAA

Report on adopting Ski Mountaineering as a competition discipline in the UIAA, 1994

Chairman of the Working Party on Sustainable Mountain Tourism, Toulouse, 1996

Report on High-Altitude Competitions, 1996

Chairmain of Working Group on Access and Conservation, 1997

Setting up the Legal Experts Working Group

UIAA Special Representative for the UN International Year of Mountains 2002

Member of the UN Inter-Agency Group on Mountains

Vice-Chair Inter-Governmental Conference on Sustainable Mountian Development, Trento, 1996